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Miami Tour Company is a trusted and highly recognized destination management organization in Florida. We have helped some of the most sophisticated travel companies, including Royal Caribbean, Expedia, TUI, and—plus many event planners and smaller groups.

Since 2008, we've organized hundreds of family reunions, corporate meetings, and large scale events. To discover how we can help you produce an extraordinary experience:
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Here are some great resources we share with partners

Many of our clients are fellow agents and planners; we love sharing our knowledge—and attracting kindred spirits.

Read to the bottom of the page, for all the tips. First up, we got 3 ways to be your very own event planner...

Miami Travel Itinerary Template
1. Travel Itinerary Template

Want to look like the most organized travel professional in the eyes of your peers—maybe even your boss’s boss? Make a customized travel schedule for everyone in your group. They'll thank you for it later.

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Miami Site Inspection Checklist
2. Site Inspection Checklist

This checklist contains the most important items to remember when selecting a venue for your event. Starting in the lobby, we guide you through each department, step-by-step, allowing you to evaluate the services and amenities.

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Miami Event Planning Chart
3. Event Planning Chart

Professional meeting planners love this chart; it allows you create a timeline, set tasks, and deadlines for a special event. You'll find everything you need to plan and produce a successful conference in Miami.

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Places to eat—and other good things groups should know

8 more resources for people coming to town

Group Dining Options
1. Group Dining Options

There are hundreds of restaurant in Miami. But which best meets your needs? Private dining rooms, loud or quaint atmosphere, food type, consistency?

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Little Havana Dining Guide
2. Little Havana Dining Guide

The dining guide is divided into four sections: Describing the cuisine; Popular menu items; Cuban food glossary; Places to eat.

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Private Bus and Boat Charters
3. Private Bus and Boat Charters

Book a private tour anywhere you want to go, take students on a field trip, go boating with your team, arrange an evening function, be a VIP.

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Team Building Activities
4. Team Building Activities

From confidence-building experiences to bonding programs, we will help you create a remarkable event, designed with your results in mind.

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Organizing a Golf Outing
5. Organizing a Golf Outing

Have you been tasked with organizing a golfing event? Let Miami Tour Company help - from tee times to full-service golf tournaments.

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Sample Itineraries
6. Sample Itineraries

Whether you want to experience the excitement of Miami, the laid back atmosphere in the Keys, or a fun-filled day at Disney World, a Florida vacation has something to offer everyone.

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Travel Tips
7. Travel Tips

Travel can be exciting and nerve-wracking. We want you to feel like a local, so here are 23 tips to make your stay safe, easy, and most of all, fun.

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Media Kit
8. Media Kit

Find the company bio, high resolution pictures, illustrated maps, and homemade videos for use in sales and publications.

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What you should do now

1. If you are traveling alone, or with a small group, you can save money and take a day tour with us (not private). What our clients desire most is authenticity and exploring places that are off the beaten track, so that is what we aim for. 5-star reviews are fairly common. Go here and view the options.

2. If you would like us to help you plan an event — to dramatically improve the safety and satisfaction of everyone in your group, then call us at 305-260-6855. On this free phone consultation, Michelle, Monica, or Carolina will discuss your needs and suggest strategies to save time and money.

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