Miami Event Planning Chart

Miami Event Planning Chart
The document is here: Event Planning Chart

Download this free project management tool to establish a timeline, set tasks, and deadlines for your event.

How to use the Planning Chart:
You can add more rows to extend the timeline and task list to suit the needs of your event, using the supplied fields as examples. Open and save the chart in Google Docs format

How we can help you plan the trip

1. If your plan is to hire a private transportation company

We own and operate a luxury fleet of buses and vans, which allows us to extend the highest quality service and lowest prices to our clients. To discover how we can help you to plan your trip:

2. If your plan is to do a shared tour with a local company

Come join us! Our ready-to-go sightseeing tours have everything you need for a great day of fun—free bottled water, illustrated maps, luggage storage, WiFi, and a phone charger at your seat. Buy tickets... Meet your guide... and away you go.

You'll meet nice people and enjoy good stories, music, a little exercise, and breathtaking scenery. 5-star reviews are fairly common.

3. If you are still in the planning stage

From our "Planning" zone you'll learn about everything from private charter rates and good restaurants, to travel itineraries, and things groups should know.

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