20 Miami Travel Tips For First Time Visitors

Miami Travel Tips For First Time Visitors

Miami is a wonderful place - the sense of newness creates a feeling of optimism, where anything seems possible and fortune can strike at any moment.

But visiting can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. We want you to avoid the uncomfortable part and feel like a local here. So, we put together some helpful travel tips to make your vacation safe, easy, and most of all, fun!
  1. Overcoming Language Barriers
  2. How to Stay Safe
  3. Preparing For the Weather
  4. What to Wear On Vacation
  5. Figuring Out the Time Difference
  6. Paying With Credit Cards and Cash
  7. Exchanging Money
  8. Free WiFi Connections
  9. Using Mobile Phones and Calling Cards
  10. Taking Taxis and Public Transportation
  11. Finding Hotels and Lodging
  12. Eating Out at Restaurants
  13. Tipping Guidelines
  14. Where to Go Shopping
  15. Cheek Kissing
  16. Keeping a Sense of Humor
  17. Going Topless and Nude Sunbathing
  18. Alcohol Laws
  19. Dealing with the Police
  20. Getting Medical Help
We tried to think of everything, but If you have a question we didn't address, please contact us.

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