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Where To Eat & What To Order

Little Havana Foodie Guide

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The Little Havana Dining Guide is divided four sections:

1. Describing the cuisine
2. Popular menu items
3. Cuban food glossary
4. Places to eat

How To Describe Cuban Cuisine

Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba on October 28, 1492. As a result, Cuban food is influenced by Spanish, Jamaican, Haitian, and Chinese cuisine.

Cuban cuisine is simple and nourishing. The flavors are savory, a little salty, but never spicy. Because of the island’s climate, tropical fruits and root vegetables are used in many dishes (plantains, yucca, boniato, malanga, potatoes, beans).

Pressed sandwiches, stews, and rice dishes with chicken and pork are the basis of most meals

Our Favorite Cuban Dishes Found At These Local Restaurants

El Pub ~ El Cristo ~ El Exquisito ~ Old's Havana

* Prices are approximate


CALDO GALLEGO - White bean soup $3

EMPANADA - Baked pastry filled with shredded chicken, ground beef, or spinach & cheese $3

CROQUETTES - Filled with ham and cheese $3

MARIQUITAS - Plantain chips with garlic dipping sauce $4

TOSTONES RELLENOS - Stuffed green plantains with Beef or Shrimp $10

HOUSE SALAD- Greens, tomato, onion, oil & vinegar dressing $5

AVOCADO SALAD- Sliced Florida avocado, onion, oil & vinegar dressing $5

Side Orders

ARROZ BLANCO - White rice $2

FRIJOLES NEGROS - Black beans $3

ARROZ MOROS - Rice and beans mix $3

MADUROS - Sauteed sweet plantains -$3

TOSTONES - Fried plantains $4

YUCA CON MOJO - Mashed yuca with garlic sauce $3

YUCA FRITA - Fried yuca $3

PURE DE PAPA - Mashed potatoes $3

VEGETABLES - Steamed vegetables $3

Pressed Sandwiches

CUBAN SANDWICH - Roasted pork, sliced ham, melted Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles on toasted Cuban bread $10

STEAK SANDWICH - Famous grilled steak sandwich on toasted Cuban bread, with grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato $10

PORK SANDWICH - Roasted pork on toasted Cuban bread, with grilled onions. $10

MEDIA NOCHE - Ham sandwich with melted Swiss cheese on a sweet egg roll, with mustard and pickles $10


PALOMILLA - Grilled flank steak with grilled onions. $13

ROPA VIEJA - Cuban-style shredded beef stew with potatoes, onions, carrots, and peas $13

VACA FRITA - Shreaded flank steak topped with sauteed onions $13

CHURRASCO - Grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce $15

PICADILLO - Sauteed ground beef with tomatoes, peppers, and green olives $13


LECHON ASADO - Roasted, savory pulled pork. $11

MASITAS DE CREDO - Diced pork, seasoned with tropical spices, served with garlic mojo sauce. $12


ARROZ CON POLLO - Yellow rice casserole with shredded chicken and peas $11

BISTEC DE POLLO - Grilled chicken breast topped with grilled onions. $11

CHICKEN MILANESA - Breaded chicken breast topped with ham, melted mozzeralla cheese, and tomato sauce. $14

VACA FRITA DE POLLO - Grilled shredded chicken breast topped with grilled onions. $11

POLLO SALTEADO - Sauteed chicken strips with peppers and onions. $12


FISH OR SHRIMP - Your choice of Creole-style or garlic sauce $14

PAELLA - Yellow rice casserole, with seafood and shellfish, allow 20 minutes. For 2: $45


FLAN - Baked custard with caramel syrup $4

TRES LECHES - Pound cake topped with sweet milk, topped with merengue and cherry $5

AROZ CON LECHE - Rice pudding with sweet milk and cinnamon $5

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Cuban Food Glossary

Spanish foodie terms you should know:

AZUCAR - Sugar

BONIATO - Sweet potato mashed

CACAHUATE - Peanuts - listen for the peanut vendor shouting "kaka-wate"

CAFE CUBABO - Espresso coffee and sugar

COLADA - 5 shots of espresso served in a styrofoam cup, along with smaller cups, meant to be shared

CORTADITO - Espresso coffee with steamed milk

CHIMICHURRI SAUCE - Garlic, parsley, olive oil, red wine vinegar sauce

CUBA LIBRE - White rum, lime juice, Coca-Cola

DULCE DE LECHE - Sweet caramel sauce

FRITA - Cuban-style hamburger with shoestring potatoes

FUFÚ - Mashed plantains, with garlic and shredded pork, similar to mofongo

GUARAPERA - A sugarcane-grinding machine to make sugarcane juice, a main precursor to rum

HATUEY - Cuban beer (bottled in USA)

HELADO - ice cream

MALTA - Carbonated soft drink, brewed from barley and hops

MAMEY - Tropical fruit, with a flavor described as a mix of pumpkin, sweet potato, and maraschino cherries

MOJO SAUCE - Orange juice, garlic, onion, and cumin

PAN CON BISTEC - Steak sandwich

PAPAS FRITAS - French fries

PASTELITO - Pastry filled with cheese and guava fruit

PURE DE PAPAS - Mashed potatoes

SANGRIA - Spanish fruit punch, made with red wine and chopped fruit

TORTILLA - In Latin America, a “tortilla" refers to an egg omelet

TRES LECHES - Pound cake, with meringue and sweet milk.

YUCA (CASSAVA) - Starchy root vegetable, pronounced “joo-kah”

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Where To Eat

Listed by who we drive by first:

1. El Pub - 1548 SW 8 St; Phone 305-642-9942

2. El Cristo - 1543 SW 8 St; Phone 305-643-9992

3. El Exquisito - 1510 SW 8 St; Phone 305-643-0227

4. Ball & Chain - 1513 SW 8 St; Phone 305-643-7820

5. Old's Havana - 1442 SW 8 St; Phone 786-518-2196

6. Pollo Tropical - 1277 SW 8 St; Phone 305-856-9221

More Places in Walking Distance

● Cuban Bakery - 1356 SW 8 St; Phone 305-856-8141

● Sanguich Miami - 2057 SW 8 St; Phone 305-539-0969

● El Rey De Las Fritas - 1821 SW 8 St; Phone 305-541-8949

● Ahi Sushi Bar - 1527 SW 8 St; Phone 786-99-0779

● Market Deli - 1305 SW 8 St; Phone 305-854-1916

● Azucar Ice Cream - 1503 SW 8 St; Phone 305-381-0369

● El Rey De Las Fritas - 1821 SW 8 St; Phone 305-541-8949

● Pizza Hut - 1529 SW 8 St; Phone 305-642-4411

● Subway - 1356 SW 8 St; Phone 305-541-8455

● McDonalds - 1400 SW 8 St; Phone 305-285-0974

● Fruit Market - 1334 SW 8 St; Phone 305-85-1135

Noteworthy Cuban Restaurants (Not Within Walking)

● Puerto Sagua - 700 Collins Ave; Phone 305-673-1115

● La Carreta - 3632 SW 8 St; Phone 305-444-7501

● Versailles - 3501 SW 8th St; Phone 305-441-2500

● Café La Trova - 971 SW 8 St; Phone 786-615-4379

● The Local Cuban at Timeout Market - 1601 Drexel Ave; Phone 786-753-5388

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