Taking Taxis and Public Transportation in Miami

Taking Taxis and Public Transportation in Miami Most taxi drivers in Miami are from Haiti and speak French.

When you arrive at the Airport, you will find taxi service on the lower level just outside of Baggage Claim. Uniformed taxi captains will assist you to hail a taxi.

Generally speaking, Miami taxis run at metered rates. The meter should always display the fare you are being asked to pay.

There are also flat rates that apply for fares in a number of regions. For example:

  • The rate from Miami Airport to Port of Miami is $21
  • The rate from Miami Airport to Miami Beach is $32
  • The rate from Miami Airport to Key Biscayne is $36
  • The rate from Miami Airport to Aventura is $46

Public Transportation

Miami Metrobus travel planning assistance can be reached at 305-891-3131. Be aware, Miami's public transportation system is not as developed as it is in many cities. For example, it is difficult to travel between Miami and Fort Lauderdale using public transportation. There are also no underground trains in Miami, due to the high waterline. That being said, the Airport Flyer “Route 150” is an express bus between Miami Airport and Miami Beach that cost $2.35. There is also a free electric shuttle that will take you anywhere you need to go in Miami Beach. To arrange pick-up call (305) 409-6636.

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