Pre-Tour Checklist

OK, we know not everyone is a list maker, but travel details have a way of spinning out of control. So, we compiled a pre-tour checklist, which should help keep your travel arrangements on the right track.

One Month Before Tour

  • Start research, using websites, guidebooks, and recommendations from friends.

  • Book your tour reservations. Print the receipt - Confirm all details are correct.

  • You may want to learn a few Spanish phrases. An interesting fact about Miami is, 70% of the residents do not speak English at home.

One Week Before Tour

  • Learn how to change your camera settings from "No Flash" to "Forced Flash" mode. You'll want to use "No Flash" inside the bus and "Forced Flash" outside, especially at the Biltmore Hotel.

  • Consult the tour map, so you are aware of the highlights, as well as when to eat and use the restroom.

  • Make a shopping list of souvenirs or a list of people to purchase gifts for.

One Day Before Tour

  • Review the tour pick-up time and location. (The day before your tour, we will also attempt to call you around 5:00 PM to confirm.)

  • Get cash or traveler's checks.

  • Pack a carry-on bag with essentials. This includes cameras, snacks, drinks, umbrella, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, headphones, medication.

  • Charge the camera batteries.

  • If you are driving to a pick-up location, make sure you have directions and know where to park.

  • Check the weather forecast and make sure you have appropriate clothing.

  • Get a good night's sleep.

Day of Tour

  • Shower, eat breakfast, and use the restroom, before boarding the bus.

  • Arrive to the pick-up location 10-minutes early.

  • Make friends with your tour guide and other passengers.

  • Ask questions and get recommendations.

  • Take lots of pictures.

  • Don't leave anything on the bus after the tour.

  • Have fun and make it a great day.

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