Ten Good Places to Eat Near EF Language School

Below are links to good places to eat near EF Language School

Jimmy'z Kitchen - Healthy Latin restaurant, located at 1542 Alton Road. Try the chicken creole, or the grilled tuna with avocado salad.

Ice Box Cafe - Fresh, natural quality food, located at 1855 Purdy Avenue. Try the homemade soups, salads and sandiwches.

Rice House - Mediterranean restaurant, located at 1318 Alton Road. Try the chicken combo, with salad and rice.

Pizza Rustica - Best pizza on the beach, located at 667 Lincoln Road and 863 Washington Avenue

Big Pink - American food, located at 157 Collins Avenue. Big portions. Try the Thanksgiving on a Roll Sandwich.

Lime - Fresh Mexican food, located at 1439 Alton Road. Big portions. Try chicken tacos.

11th Street Diner - American food, located at 1065 Washington Avenue. Open 24-hours. Try the club sandwich.

Charolette's Bakery - Latin bakery, located at 1499 Washington Avenue. Try the Argentine chicken empanada.

Monty's - Great place to watch the sunset, located at 300 Alton Road. Good beer, burgers, and fish sandwiches.

Nikki Beach - Best Sunday brunch on the beach, located at 1 Ocean Drive.

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