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Miami Tour Company is the world's leading tour provider for Miami vacations. We are family owned and operated, and believe that everything we do is to create a wonderful experience for you. We do this by making our tours fun and treating customers like friends. Contact us at (305) 260-6855, or visit our website: https://miamitourcompany.com

The Disney Vacation Package
Take a break from the glitz of Miami for some old-fashioned fun at the happiest place on earth! Travel to Orlando on a luxury motorcoach for a fun vacation at Disney World and Universal Studios theme parks. Stay for as many days as you like. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to relive childhood memories and make some new ones. For more information, contact Miami Tour Company at (305) 260-6855, or visit our website: https://miamitourcompany.com

Tour Photos:
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Kids with Mickey Mouse

Disney family vacation

Disney roller coaster ride

Swimming at Typhoon Lagoon

Disney romantic vacation

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