You Found the BEST Walking Tour In Town — Miami To The Max!

Take 3 different walking tours in Miami and see the most spectacular places in the City on the same day. Here's what you will do:

  1. Take an Art Deco walking tour on Ocean Drive in South Beach.
  2. Roam through Wynwood on a street art walk.
  3. Eat lunch at a famous Cuban restaurant.
  4. Go walking in Little Havana to experience Cuban culture & ice cream.

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✨ Private Sightseeing Tour  –  Airport Transport Included
✨ Private Sightseeing Tour – Airport Transport Included
Have the vehicle all to yourself
Luggage storage included
Explore at your own pace
Price: $450

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Miami Walking Tour + Lunch (4 hours)

9:45 AMSouth BeachTour starts
10:00 AMOcean Drive – Art Deco Walk: 45 minutes800 meter walk
11:30 AMWynwood Walls - Street Art Walk: 30 minutes300 meter walk
12:30 PMLunch in Little Havana: 45 minutes 45 minutes
1:30 PMDomino Park - Little Havana Walk & Ice Cream: 30 minutes 200 meter walk

Miami To The Max! is great for all activity levels.

The walking tour is moderately active, requiring about .75 miles or 1.2 kilometers of walking. However, walking is not mandatory. You can stay in the bus and we will take you to good spots that require less walking, or no walking, if you wish.

We planned the day so you never feel rushed and have the perfect amount of time at each place.

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