The Miami Tour Company has earned an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau

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The BBB bases this grade on information about Miami Tour Company and feedback from our customers. A business that receives an A rating means they meet the qualifying factors, which include integrity and performance.

The Better Business Bureau Accreditation is an honor - only a business that meets the high qualifications is included.

To be accredited, Miami Tour Company abides by the following standards:

  • Maintain a positive track record in the marketplace
  • Honestly represent products and services
  • Clearly disclose all policies and guarantees.
  • Honor promises and abide by all written agreements and verbal representations
  • Address disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith
  • Safeguard privacy and protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud
  • Approach all business dealings and transactions with integrity

A BBB-accredited business must live up to high standards for trust. This makes BBB's rating an important factor to consider before choosing a tour company.

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Miami Tour Company
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