Miami Pot Tours On The Florida 2022 Ballot

Let us drive, so you can be safe.
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Продолжительность: 14 часа 45 минут
Начало: 7:15 AM
Время окончания экскурсии: 10:00 PM
Цена: $74

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Цена: $79

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Going sightseeing is a fun thing to do when you're high. You'll enjoy good music, beautiful sights, delicious food, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Note that while we are accepting, smoking pot in public is not allowed in Florida yet. The Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative was approved by voters in 2016. Recreational cannabis is set on the Florida 2020 ballot. It is time to #legalize marijuana.

Our 420-friendly policy

With the advocacy of Florida Cares, legalizing recreational marijuana is on the horizon. Pot tours in Miami and like-minded things to do are coming. In the meantime, we have an open 420-friendly policy of tolerance.

Cannabis users are welcome. Come join us!