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Getting Medical Help in Miami

Getting Medical Help in MiamiIf you need serious medical attention, go to the nearest hospital emergency room, but be prepared to receive a bill for treatment. Hospitals in United States are extremely expensive, compared to other countries. However, the law requires hospitals must provide care to anyone needing emergency treatment regardless of citizenship, or the ability to pay. In Miami Beach, the Mount Sinai Emergency Room is located at 4300 Alton Road. Their phone number is: (305) 674-2200. Emergencies requiring police, fire or medical aid can be reported by dialing 9-1-1 from any telephone. The use of this number is for emergencies only. If you do not speak English, ask the hotel front desk, or even a person on the street for assistance.

Helpful Tip: The emergency room is for people with life-threatening emergencies, or anything that could have severe long-term effects on you. If you simply want something checked out, then you need to go to a community health clinic so the staff there can determine how bad your problem is and where you should be treated. Miami Beach Health Clinic is located at 710 Alton Road. Their phone number is: 305-867-5805. See more clinics

If it's after hours and the health clinics are closed, but you have a problem that you're concerned about, your other option is an urgent care facility. An urgent care facility is a great alternative to the emergency room. The cost is cheaper, and the facilities are usually open late. Miami Beach Urgent Care is located at 1355 Alton Road. Their phone number is: (305) 672-0777.

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